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wiTECH ™ diagnostic system

Chrysler - DRBIII (up to 2003)

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Product Contents

 DRB III Scan Tool


Product Overview

  The DRB III hardware will interface to electronic modules on all vehicles sold by Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge.

  It is a rugged portable scan tool with specially developed software for automotive diagnostics.

  DRBIII does not support the CAN vehicle protocol.



Daimler Chrysler StarScan




The StarSCAN™ Diagnostic Scan Tool is an electronic service tool produced by the
DaimlerChrysler Corporation and supports diagnostic services for the Chrysler Group
CAN-equipped vehicles. CAN was selected as a worldwide automotive standard for its
robust error-handling and error-detection capabilities. The Chrysler Group vehicles
using CAN include 2004 Dodge Durango and all 2005 and beyond Chrysler vehicles.

Key Features:
  • Vehicle scan information in seconds instead of minutes
  • Color LCD display with 640 x 480 resolution
  • 128 MB of SDRAM
  • 16 MB of integral flash memory and 512 MB of compact flash
  • Weighs less than three pounds
  • File downloads via the internet
  • Internet updates available in an upcoming software release
  • Can be powered by an internal battery, vehicle battery, or external wall unit transformer
  • Secure digital card
  • USB Interface for keyboard, mouse, CD-ROM, printer, etc.
  • Data recording is totally self-contained
In addition, StarSCAN's improved error-detection and robust error-handling capabilities
will help technicians isolate vehicle bus problems and enhance diagnostics.

The StarSCAN Tool Kit includes:
  • StarSCAN diagnostic tool
  • Carrying case
  • All cables needed for diagnostics and flash reprogramming
  • Power transformer for charging the internal battery
  • User support documentation
  • Ethernet cable




wiTECH ™ diagnostic system



The wiTECH ™ diagnostic system is designed to work on Chrysler ฎ,Jeep ฎ and Dodge ฎ vehicles equipped with CAN BUS technology. It provides the latest wireless technology and significant hardware and software performance enhancements over the current StarSCAN ™ and StarMOBILE ™ tools. This cutting edge technology will enable technicians to increase their productivity and provide world-class diagnostic services to your customers.

The wiTECH ™ Access Gateway is a diagnostic tool network that provides secure, reliable wireless communications capability and firewall protection, taking the burden of tool network setup out of the hands of the technician. Multiple wiTECH ™ VCI Pods and StarMOBILE ™ devices can be supported by a single wiTECH ™ Access Gateway.

DEMO VIDEO of wiTECH system

Click here to see DRBIII vehicle application charts

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