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Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis System (SDS)


The Mercedes Star Diagnosis compact 3


Star Diagnosis compact 4


Unofficial Mercedes diagnostic equipment


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 Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis System (SDS)

The Mercedes-Benz Star Diagnosis System (SDS) is based on a Thinkpad and includes cables to interface to the various models. The system doesn't have the ability to disable safety and security systems. The Hand Held Tester (HHT) part number 965 589 00 01 00 and the adapter harness 965 598 00 40 00 are being phased out.

The package includes:

Works on 12V and 24V, all vehicles supported (Cars, V-class, Truck, Bus, Unimog, Industrial engines)


The Mercedes Star Diagnosis compact 3

is lighter and easier to handle than the predecessor COMPACT II, and with just 3 kg only half the weight. It's 36 x 34 cm with a 15" touchscreen viewable even from the side up to 170 deg. Other features include single button DAS<->WIS switch, ASRA, 1.1 GHz Pentium M, 60 GB HD and USB 2.0 port compatible with Measurement Technology equipment. In the summer of 2006 the less expensive Mercedes SDS basic2 was introduced.

Interface parts with laptop harddisk

Star Diagnosis compact4




The service technician cannot correct a malfunction until he has correctly identified the cause. Star Diagnosis compact4 is an indispensable aid in doing this. Equipped with the very latest diagnostic technology, it is armed for any application in the day-to-day life of the workshop. Powerful applications systematically check possible sources of faults and lead the service technician directly to the cause. The latest generation of processor means that the job can be done quickly. Thanks to its large hard disk and generous main memory, Star Diagnosis compact4 is also prepared for future diagnostic applications.

Complex automobile technology demands intelligent diagnosis – Star Diagnosis compact4 delivers!


Mobile and flexible in the workshop

The Star Diagnosis compact4 system fits seamlessly into the established Star Diagnosis product family. The diagnostic unit works with the modern wireless multiplexer SDconnect. The built-in WLAN function provides wireless access to the IT network in the workshop. Naturally, it is no trouble to operate Star Diagnosis compact4 with other components such as the wired multiplexer Part D3. The unit combines with the HMS 990 USB Measurement Technology to extend its range of diagnostic functions. The service technician can connect further devices such as a printer, mouse, external keyboard or external DVD player through the numerous interfaces.


Easy to use

Using the very latest components from high-tech industries has allowed a very flat design inside a small package. This makes it much easier to use the Star Diagnosis compact4 in the workshop. The newly developed multifunction handle is unique. It means that the technician can easily and safely use the diagnostic unit in a mobile set-up - a significant advantage, in particular when using SDconnect for wireless diagnostics. The multifunction handle features a cable guide, offering protection for plug and cable when used with the multiplexer Part D3. Thanks to a new design for the integrated stand, the system can operate at various horizontal and tilted angles. It is also very stable on uneven floors.



Simple in operation and excellent display

The touch-sensitive, high-brilliance 13.3-inch touchscreen in the modern 16:9 standard works both as control panel and as display. With the attached stylus

Star Diagnosis compact4 can be operated with great precision. Thanks to the high-resolution screen with a viewing angle of more than 170 degrees, images can be easily recognized from any perspective. The user can read all the information displayed brightly in pin-sharp quality.


Star Diagnosis Xentry


Product information



• Intelฎ Core™ Solo processor

• Integrated WLAN function for wireless operation with

SDconnect and connection to the IT network

• Ethernet interface for wired connection to the IT network

• Possible connection of HMS 990 USB Measuring Technology

• Power management controls power supply and consumption and adjusts to specified power-saving mode

• Transport case is included and provides protection for all components during transport and storage


• Basis: Windowsฎ XP Professional

• DAS Diagnosis Assistance System: Supports vehicle diagnostics by means of decision trees

• WIS net Workshop Information System: Provides wiring diagrams, installation instructions, detailed technical information and repair information

• Star Utilities: Auxiliary and maintenance program used for self-diagnosis of various components, word processing, and other functions

• Optionally available: ASRA net (Information concerning operation and standard texts, flat rates and work units)

Update service

• Regular updates for applications and data

• Delivery on DVD

• Up-to-date add-ons by online update

Help and support

• The Star Diagnosis User Help Desk consults on software and hardware

• Knowledgeable advice in several languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese


• Faulty components are replaced in the 3-year service life

• In certain cases, complete systems are replaced

Separate ordering of accessories:

• Cables

• Protective cover

• Chip card reader for individual access to special modules

Your personal contact

• Mercedes-Benz and smart operations must contact their national representation for orders

• Independent operators should contact a Mercedes-Benz or smart operation or their national representation

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