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Please note that this page is about the original diagnostic tool provided by vehicle manufacturer. The tool can be usually bought only by authorised dealer. The page is intended only for educational purposes.

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History of Kia Diagnostics

  1. Data Pro
    • Used for ECU access on models produced up to the 2000MY (Sephia, Spectra, Sportage)
    • Provided access to Engine, Transaxle/Transmission, SRS, ABS control units
    • Included Oscilloscope and limited DVOM capabilities
  2. Hi-Scan Pro
    • Superseded Data Pro in June 2000
    • Used for ECU access on 1996-current models
    • Includes Oscilloscope and expanded DVOM capabilities
    • Reprogramming functionality via OBD-II connector and external adapter
    • Limited on-board diagnostic resources (Troubleshooting Pack)
    • Bi-directional Actuator control (model and ECU-specific)
    • EVAP leakage testing (1998-current models)
    • Internet updateable

The GDS concept places essential diagnostic resources into a centrally-accessible format.

  • DTC and Symptom troubleshooting
    • Retrieved DTCs, along with vehicle symptoms entered by the technician, are cross-referenced against internal databases:
      • DTC Troubleshooting Procedures
      • DTC Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs)and service Campaigns
      • Technician Times and Pitstop articles
    • Cross-referencing may be refreshed through simple point-and-click navigation as DTC or symptom conditions change.
  • System Updates
    • "Smart Update" technology allows Internet update of the GDS to maintain the diagnostic program and diagnostic data via a server based at KMA..
    • When major, high-volume data updates are conducted, DVD updates will be provided.


The GDS hardware consists of three primary components:

  • Diagnostic Terminal
    • Panasonic Toughbook CF-18
      • Ruggedized notebook/tablet PC tested to MIL-810F standards
      • 512MB RAM, 60GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD), 1.1 GHz processor, integrated wireless



  • Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI)
    • Designed by GIT (Global Information Technology) Seoul, Korea
    • Provides Vehicle ECU Communication, Reprogramming, and Flight Recording capabilities
    • Connected with Diagnostic Terminal via wireless or USB



  • Vehicle Measurement Interface (released 2007-05-18)
    • Designed by GIT (Global Information Technology) Seoul, Korea
    • Provides 4-channel Oscilloscope and single-channel DVOM Capabilities
    • Connected with Diagnostic Terminal via USB




The GDS diagnostic application provides a point-and-click interface for ECU communication and diagnostic resource access.


GDS Main Screen

VIN screen

The GDS is capable of automatic VIN detection on 2005 and later Kia vehicles. Manual VIN entry is required for 2004 and earlier models. The GDS will display a list of supported vehicle systems after a VIN is recognized. Previously scanned VINs may be recalled; entered symptom and comment data is saved with its associated VIN.

Fault Code Searching Screen

The GDS is capable of multiple-system DTC retrieval. DTC data retrieved is displayed and broken down by system.

Hot Fix Screen

The Hot Fix Screen allows TSB, Campaign, Tech Times, and Pitstop data searches by DTC, Symptom, Model, and VIN.

DTC Analysis Screen

After communicating with a specific system, the GDS will display the DTC data retrieved from that system along with the associated DTC troubleshooting procedures. A cross-reference to TSB data based on the retrived DTC data is also available.



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