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Testing Checking Audio 

Speaker Walk-Around Test

NOTE: To enter the speaker walk-around test or audio unit self-diagnostic mode, the audio unit must be on and in radio tuner mode (AM/FM).

To enter the speaker walk-around test, simultaneously press the audio unit preset buttons 3 and 6.
The speaker walk-around test stops at each speaker and applies sound to each speaker for about 1 to 2 seconds.

Each speaker is tested and displayed on the audio unit in the following sequence: RF, LF, LR, RR, SUBWOOFER, and CENTER IMAGE

To exit the speaker walk-around test, turn the key OFF, turn the audio unit off, or press preset button 1 for diagnostics (DIA).
Audio Unit Self-Diagnostic Mode

NOTE: To enter the audio unit self-diagnostic mode, the audio unit must be turned on and in radio tuner mode (AM/FM).

To enter the following tests, press the desired preset button while in the speaker walk-around test or while in the audio unit self-diagnostic mode.
To exit the audio unit self-diagnostic mode, turn the key OFF or the audio unit off.
If the concern remains and the fault is not detected, GO to Symptom Chart to continue diagnostics.
The self-diagnostic mode has the following functions available:

Preset button 1 = On-Demand Self-Test. This button runs the on-demand self-test.
Pressing the MENU DOWN button allows scrolling of any DTCs found during the test while in this menu.

Preset button 2 = Display Continuous DTCs. This button enables viewing of any continuous DTCs that have been logged.
Pressing the MENU UP button allows scrolling of any DTCs while in this menu.
While continuous DTCs are being displayed, pressing the EJECT button will clear all present DTCs.

Preset button 3 = Signal Strength Test. This button displays the signal strength.

Preset button 4 = Software Version Display. This button displays the audio unit software version.
Pressing the MENU UP button allows scrolling of all audio subsystem software versions while in this menu.

Preset button 5 = Display Test. This test illuminates all the display segments for 5 seconds, then turns all segments off.

Preset button 6 = Configuration Status. This button enables audio unit configuration status.

Pressing the MENU button displays the ACM part number while in this menu.

To exit the self-diagnostic mode, turn the audio unit off or turn the key OFF.




Testing Checking Navigation


The navigation system provides internal self diagnostics to assist with diagnosing vehicle concerns.

Press and hold the 3 and 6 memory preset buttons for 3 seconds.

The unit will display options (end)

Press the End Test button on the screen to exit the speaker walk test.

The following diagnostics are available using the on-screen buttons as follows:

ON DEMAND SELF TEST provides internal self-test diagnostics and displays all the DTCs resulting from the self-test.

VIEW DTCs provides a list of all the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) currently stored in memory.

CONFIGURATION STATUS displays the current unit configuration.

SYSTEM INFO provides the navigation module part number and software information.

GPS INFO provides satellite information and vehicle current information.

SPEAKER WALK TEST performs a speaker walk-around test.

MULTI-DISC TEST performs a test of the compact disc (CD) player mechanism.

HARDKEY TEST checks any of the buttons operation.

RADIO SIGNAL STRENGTH performs a test of the antenna signal.