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With the confirmation to release information this new system PC Scan is sent, MMC has developed MUT - III like scanner of diagnosis with the purpose of being able to work with all the Mitsubishi line.

(PC) of personal computer it is connected to the used unit of MUTIII and like the terminal unit of control of a system, and one communicates with an Ecu of vehicle through V.C.I. In addition he is able to handle all the functions of diagnosis covered by scanner of MUT - II, the MUT system - III it can exhibit the data as diagrams of easy reading and draws graphs on a great screen of the PC.

Unlike the MUT - II, the MUT - III can conserve the data of all vehicles, This eliminates the inopportune but essential work with MUT - II, to change of the list of data (the data of communication protocol and the data base of diagnosis article list) replacing the package of ROM with another one in agreement with the model of vehicle and the model of year.

The new functions use the advantages of the PC. For example, the viewer is a manual of factory that at the moment is reasonable for the certain models of vehicles









Un-official diagnostic equipment:

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